Cattle Vets deliver profitability through accurate advice on pregnancy status of your herd via PREGCHECK™

An accreditation program of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians, PREGCHECK™ is a nationally recognised scheme for the accountable identification and certification of individual cattle pregnancy status as diagnosed by an accredited Australian Cattle Veterinarians. This provides producers with the assurance that their cattle are being pregnancy tested by highly qualified and regulated professionals.

The art of determining the pregnancy status of cattle has developed from a simple “yes/no” test to the current management tool providing foetal ageing and the identification of herd reproductive abnormalities. PREGCHECK™ is an accountable and quality scheme with the power to deal with unsatisfactory levels of performance by accredited veterinarians. It seeks to promote excellence in cattle pregnancy testing skills, by way of peer-based assessment and the provision of up-to-date educational material.

PREGCHECK™’s digital dashboard enables accredited vets to assign a pregnancy result to a females NLIS tag. This is done crush side during pregnancy testing, which subsequently enables certification of individual cattle. The PREGCHECK™ certificate is stored at and producers are able to search for individual certificate numbers to ensure that the PREGCHECK™ certificate associated with sale lots is current and valid, providing producers with an additional level of assurance.

Some PREGCHECK™ accredited veterinarians may choose to apply a tail tag that identifies the pregnancy testing result, in addition to provision of a certificate. The three most common tags are red indicating over four months pregnant (O4), blue indicating under four months (U4), and green indicating not detectably pregnant (NDP). Each tag bears a serial number and a veterinarian identification code.

Producers are able to advertise their cattle have been pregnancy tested by a PREGCHECK™ accredited vet on AuctionsPlus, Australia’s most trusted online Agriculture platform. With PREGCHECK™ certification, buyers can be assured that the cattle they are purchasing have been accurately tested for pregnancy, while sellers can command a premium price for cattle that have been certified by PREGCHECK™ accredited vets.

Engage a PREGCHECK™ accredited vet and experience the benefits of accurate pregnancy testing.