BIOCHECK® Program Launch

ACV’s newest member benefit BIOCHECK® has been released!

BIOCHECK® Biosecurity Plan

BIOCHECK® is a program run by members of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians – a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association Ltd.  Now our vets are able to help farmers make a biosecurity plan efficiently and well.

The BIOCHECK® Biosecurity plan is designed to ensure that the farm has considered the major biosecurity risks and has appropriate risk management strategies in place.

Biosecurity plans are a requirement of LPA as of October 2017, and Biosecurity plans overseen by a veterinarian are a requirement of having a Johne’s disease status of JBAS-7 or 8 as of 30/6/17.

If you would like help making a biosecurity plan, contact one of our members.

The plan is largely based on the generic Biosecurity Plans that are available from the Animal Health Australia Farm Biosecurity website, and should be read in conjunction with the resources that can be downloaded from

This plan is not an audited quality assurance program nor is it a guarantee against incursion by pests or disease. Rather it is evidence that the major biosecurity risks have been discussed and plans made to manage these which are appropriate to the individual farm.

Each risk is discussed and evaluated as per the below options. Where appropriate, comments can be included that describe how that property is managing the risks identified.

What Happens ?

Your vet will go through with you the major biosecurity risks that are nationally recognised, and together you will rate how the risks are being managed on your farm:

Your vet will then create a plan that you can distribute to your farm employees and people who purchase cattle from you.

It will look something like like this:

Download a sample BIOCHECK® Biosecurity Plan

It’s important to note that you don’t pass or fail a biosecurity plan.  It is simply an assessment of the risk of disease.

We suggest you ask for a copy of the biosecurity plan from anyone where who you purchase stock.  It will allow you to better assess the disease risk to  your own property.